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3D Playing Cards by Nacho Montenegro

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Our design philosophy centers on the belief that a deck of cards should complement, not distract from, a magical performance. Our 3D Playing Cards are crafted to be minimalist yet striking, ensuring they are a subtle but appreciated part of the show.

Deck features:
    • 52 Custom Faces: We've taken the classic, legendary faces of playing cards and applied red and blue shadows to create a 3D depth effect.

    • Specialty Cards: Two custom Jokers, one featuring a hidden card reveal for added intrigue.

    • Dual Reveals: The card box offers two magical reveals, seamlessly integrating into your routine.

    • Gaff Cards: Including a double backer and a blank-faced card for a wider range of tricks.

    • Artwork and Design: The back design, inspired by vintage 3D glasses and the work of Charles Wheatstone, creates a subtle depth effect when viewed with the included glasses.

    • Traditional Cut: A unique feature that offers a distinct feel preferred by many magicians.

    • Air-Cushion Finish: For smooth handling and durability, ideal for regular use and professional performances.

    • Limited Edition: Each deck is part of a special series, marked with a numbered seal for exclusivity.

    • Stacked for Magic: The deck arrives sealed in a stack, facilitating powerful magic effects. Tutorials included will guide you in leveraging this stack for impressive performances.

    • Exclusive Community Benefits: Purchasers of these 3D Playing Cards will be part of an exclusive community where we'll share additional tutorials, feature talented magicians, and offer giveaways. Stay tuned for more exciting community-driven projects and collaborations.

    • Manufactured by the Best: Produced by the USPCC: The most well-known brand among magicians and casinos, responsible for creating the renowned Bicycle playing cards and others, ensuring top-tier quality.


We stock over 500 decks in store but have over 2,000 on our webiste. Items display a dispatch time of either:

  • 1 day (item in store and will ship usually same day)
  • 3-7 days (item ordered in on our weekly order from our USA warehouse and ship from the UK as soon as they arrive.