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Aperture Playing Cards by Gliders Cardistry

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The design for the Aperture deck was created from a subtle combination of photography and cardistry. The white lines of the back form a hexagon that represents the aperture blades of a camera lens. The blue background represents the peace and relaxation that cardistry provides both the performer and the viewer.

  • Limited run of 1,000 decks
  • Printed by USPCC on Premium stock with a Linen finish
  • Fulfilled through Gambler's Warehouse
  • Custom court card colorways
  • Two identical Jokers
The Back: we originally experimented with more complicated versions of this design before realizing that a simpler approach was the way to go. This design was first released in trainer format for Gliders Cardistry. After being well received by the community, we decided to produce this design as a deck of cards so it can be enjoyed in multiple mediums. We hope this design will inspire you to create beautiful cardistry, magic, collections, and even card games.

The tuck case has been designed to compliment the back design without distracting from the main design. The tuck will be wrapped in cellophane with an easy pull tab for a clean opening. The reverse side of the tuck case is branded with "Gliders" while the front displays the "Aperture" name.


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