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Black Roses Phantom Edition Playing Cards

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The Black Roses Phantom Edition is a great collector's item thanks to the matte embossed tuck box and its limited edition of only 1000 decks.

Apart from its rarity, it also serves as a secret weapon for your card magic routines thanks to its many hidden secrets, built-in magic tricks and a series of hidden revelations.
  • Limited to 1000 decks
  • Numbered seal sticker
  • Embossed matte tuck box
  • Hidden one-way marking on the Faces
  • Completely custom fronts and backs
  • Double backer & colored Queen of Clubs duplicate


We stock over 500 decks in store but have over 2,000 on our webiste. Items display a dispatch time of either:

  • 1 day (item in store and will ship usually same day)
  • 3-7 days (item ordered in on our weekly order from our USA warehouse and ship from the UK as soon as they arrive.