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Braniff Playing Cards by Art of Play

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Braniff Airways took flight as a visionary bond between two brothers who joined forces to create one of the world's leading airlines. From its beginnings in Oklahoma City in 1927, Braniff grew into a multinational corporation flying to more than 89 destinations around the globe.

In 1965, Braniff introduced "The End of the Plain Plane" advertising campaign, an ambitious creative transformation that forever reshaped the airline industry. Alexander Girard, a luminary of graphic design, was enlisted to reimagine the various aspects of air travel and shape every moment flying on Braniff into a "lively performance." He introduced vibrant colors, lush fabrics, and mid-century modern design to 17,542 touch points along the Braniff International travel journey - from the airplane livery to blankets to furniture to the brand identity. Braniff became the tastemaker for international travel.

These playing cards harken back to that jet-set era and celebrate Braniff's enduring influence on the world of art, fashion, design and travel.


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