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The Descendents Playing Cards were created by Elijah Myers who is one of our favourite magicians and goes by the name of Card Perfect Magician. The Descendents Playing Cards has the Cardistry Enhanced punch line and features a bold Green Colour with an intricate design to take your cardistry skills to the next level.
The spiral back design with a thin border makes these cards perfect for fans, spreads and other cardistry moves like pirouette, hotshot, and cyclone look absolutely stunning.
Considering the motto for Descendents Playing Cards is "No matter how far you descend, you can always look up" all the court cards look up as well.
  • Printed by USPCC, one-time print run, 2500 decks
  • 2 way back design
  • 56 cards - 2 jokers - 2 ad cards
  • Classic card stock, crushed, traditionally cut with air-cushion finish


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