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Devildom Deluxe Wooden Box Set by Ark Playing Cards

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In the Devildom series playing card gift box, the walnut wood case undoubtedly takes the spotlight as our latest interpretation of ultimate luxury. The vertical magnetic door structure of the walnut wood case provides users with a comfortable and convenient opening experience. Adorning the front of the box is a large vintage gold embossed metal plaque, featuring intricate and three-dimensional devil-themed artwork. The exquisite metal embossing beautifully complements the warm walnut wood material, collectively crafting the most exclusive and luxurious version of this project's gift box.

Inside the walnut wood case, a deck of gold playing cards and a gold coin are carefully arranged. The gold playing cards are crafted with high-quality materials, meticulously printed, and boast vibrant colors, offering card enthusiasts an extraordinary visual and tactile experience. The gold coin is a unique customization of our Devildom series, featuring exquisite craftsmanship and a unique design, making it the highlight of this gift box.
  • Limited to 333 with unique serial numbers
  • Includes a luxury gold-gilded deck
  • Includes a golden Devildom coin
  • Walnut collection box with embossed metal plaque
  • Exquisite devil-themed illustrations
  • ARK CASE resembling a palace corridor
  • Ring HOLO & mystery finish


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