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Clip Joint. The deck that kicked off the custom playing card craze has officially been bootlegged. The original deck has never been reprinted until now-as a photocopied facsimile complete with Xerox Markings. The original deck has been photocopied and replicated... as only a forger could.

12 years ago on Black Friday Clip Joint was released. Today it is back as a photocopy.

Presented in its original form for the first time since 2011. Clip Joint. Be sure to own this unique take on a classic deck before we get a cease and desist order.

Limited to 500 decks only. Printed in China on cardistry stock.

Illustrated by Dan Phillips


We stock over 500 decks in store but have over 2,000 on our webiste. Items display a dispatch time of either:

  • 1 day (item in store and will ship usually same day)
  • 3-7 days (item ordered in on our weekly order from our USA warehouse and ship from the UK as soon as they arrive.