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Ghost King Playing Cards

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The Ghost King deck is inspired by old RPG games, collectible playing cards, detective games and the old story of the King of Hearts, also known as, The Suicide King. From the very beginning, we set our goal pretty high, we wanted to create a deck of cards that not only could be used as a normal deck of playing cards but also could be shared with friends to solve a mystery.

Who killed the Ghost King? This deck will also feature:
  • Original Soundtrack: yes, a full soundtrack for a deck of cards, based on our original lore of the Ghost King.
  • A murder mystery game "Who killed the king": playable using the standard Ghost King deck or the Deluxe playable edition.
  • A full map of Mircee: divided in 4 kingdoms integrated into the design of the number cards.
  • Custom court cards: that include lore and descriptions of each original character created for this story.
  • Custom Aces: that include lore and descriptions of each of the 4 kingdoms created for this story.
  • 2 Lore cards: that explain the story of the Ghost King.
  • A full "rune" alphabet: used in the cards to codify clues and important information about the lore.


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