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Halidom Silver Sacred by Ark Playing Cards

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Inspired by the angelic theme, the gift box is adorned with an enchanting color palette of black and dark silver, evoking a sense of mystery and nobility. The front of the box captivates with mesmerizing multi-layer embossed artwork, meticulously crafted using four layers of intricate design. With full panel embossing and expertly applied hot foil stamping techniques, the result is a breathtaking three-dimensional image that commands attention and leaves a lasting impression.
  • Limited to 777 with unique serial numbers
  • Two decks: Black and silver
  • Multi-layer collection box
  • Exquisite angel-themed illustrations
  • ARK CASE resembling a palace corridor
  • Dawn HOLO & mystery finish


We stock over 500 decks in store but have over 2,000 on our webiste. Items display a dispatch time of either:

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