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King's Game: Apex Playing Cards

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Kings Game Playing Cards: Apex Edition is a custom deck of playing cards, thoughtfully designed to honor the timeless game of chess. Celebrating the iconic figures, strategic nuances, and notable players of chess, with a special focus on the Kings, this deck artfully merges the classic strategy and elegance of chess with the traditional format of playing cards. 

Drawing inspiration from the medieval era, it highlights the roles played by each chess piece: king, queen, bishop, knight, rook, and pawn. The design of the card faces, backs, and tuck box is rich in symbolism, offering a genuine tribute to the game of chess. Each aspect of the deck has been meticulously crafted to encapsulate the rich history and strategic depth of chess.

  • 54 custom poker cards with a foiled back
  • A distinctive custom seal
  • A custom tuck box adorned with gold, white, and silver foil
Depicted Pieces:

The King of Spades represents the black King
The Queen of Spades for the black Queen
The Jack of Spades as the black Bishops
The King of Hearts embodies the white King
The Queen of Hearts for the white Queen
The Jack of Hearts as the white Bishops
The King of Clubs denotes the black Rooks
The Queen of Clubs for the black Pawns
The Jack of Clubs as the black Knights
The King of Diamonds symbolizes the white Rooks
The Queen of Diamonds for the white Pawns
The Jack of Diamonds as the white Knights


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