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Labyrinthium Playing Cards

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Mankind is always striving to find the balance of technology and nature. Labyrinthium playing cards show that these can coexist in our lives.

Designed by Georgiana Strimbu, Labyrinthium have fully custom artwork across the board.

The cards have full-bleed black ink on the faces and the backs, but all of the design work is crafted from foil. The back design has a detailed geometric layout with leaves & flowers growing from the rigid structure. The backs are stamped from beautiful gold foil.

The faces use gold & red foils and feature stylish courts and customized number cards. The custom jokers can be used as wild cards in all of your favorite games, while two bonus gaff cards can be used for magic tricks.The Labyrinthium decks also feature black edge printing to give the decks a pure black feel. This is not the same as black gilding. Rather than black foil edges, the edges have been printed with black ink. This gives the edges a matte finish that doesn't interfere with the grip or handling of the cards.

There are also 10 random decks that have gold foil gilded edges. There is no way to tell from the outside whether a deck has black or gold edges. Opening the deck is the only way to tell if you own one of the rarest decks that Penguin has ever produced!

The premium tuck box is made from a high-quality matte black paper, with the inner & outer designs completely crafted from gold & white foils for amazing visual contrast and a subtle luxurious texture. The box is topped off with a custom gold foil sticker seal.

Labyrinthium playing cards feature UltraLux™ Finish and AquaFlow™ Coating. This blend of casino-grade European card stock and water-based coating, with a perfect linen texture and vegetable-based inks results in a deck that handles like an absolute dream. The cards are traditionally cut with smooth edges that provide just the right amount of grip. These cards are soft enough to get to work straight out of the box, but durable enough to meet the needs of a full-time magician, cardist, or card sharp.
  • Limited run of 2500 decks
  • 100% custom artwork designed by Georgiana Strimbu
  • Beautiful black printed edges
  • 10 random decks have gold foil gilded edges
  • Custom tuck box crafted from black paper with gold & white foils plus embossing
  • Custom foil sticker seal
  • UltraLux™ Finish with AquaFlow™ Coating
  • Traditionally cut
  • 2 custom jokers
  • 2 bonus gaff cards included


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