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Leaves Summer Playing Cards by Dutch Card House Company

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Custom deck of poker size playing cards, eco-friendly and fully recyclable playing cards to support and help to protect the environment. There will be NO plastic cello wrap in order to prevent the use of single-use plastics.

The Dutch Card House Company (DCHC) has launched the third edition of Leaves Playing Cards; Summer edition. In 2020, DCHC introduced the first 2 editions of the Leaves Playing Cards- the Green Spring edition and the Red Autumn Leaves edition. The custom decks are eco-friendly and fully recyclable playing cards to support and help to protect the environment.

The Leaves Summer Edition features an ornament-looking layout of the back design, reminiscent of Summer, complete with small flowering details.

The court cards maintain their traditional designs but with an updated color scheme to make them fit in better with the overall summer theme of the deck. Together, this is perfect for card games, magic routines, and cardistry!

The Jokers are identical and like in the Autumn edition and Spring edition, one of them features a special 3 of hearts card reveal! The signature tree that was used in the previous editions has started to bloom together with busy bees in this Summer Edition!

The striking tuck box compliments the cards it holds inside. The leaves ornament runs from the front to the back of the box and can create a display with 3 boxes. The tuck of the Standard Edition has a custom-designed seal and the Collector's Edition has a custom numbered seal.


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