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Limited Edition Bicycle Dark Templar Playing Cards

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The Knights Templar have long been suspected of knowing where the Holy Grail is kept. The Holy Grail is known as the cup Jesus drank from at the Last Supper. Many stories about the quest for the sacred chalice often involve decoding signs and messages left behind by the Knights Templar.

Many of these symbols said to possess secret powers, and may have spawned secret societies which venerate them. It is also rumored that the Knight Templar were not completely destroyed in 1307 AD, but rather went underground, and still exist to this day.

The Dark Templar, is an elegant, mysterious, and refined deck that comes to light after months of development. Every element of the design, every symbol, has a meaning and a story behind it. A legacy to the secrets that cannot be told.

Printed By USPCC on the best playing cards stock.


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