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Love and Dream (Pink Limited Edition) Playing Cards

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The standout in the "Love and Dreams" series has to be the pink version.

The writing on the box has also changed to "Pink Dream". A pink dream is undoubtedly the epitome of romance. It candidly expresses the essence of love, with the statement - "When you are alive, your brain is pink."

The back of the cards has the same design as the black and sky-blue versions but with a pink whirlpool. Doesn't it give off the vibe of a love whirlwind?

The face of the cards returns to standard suits and values, and in terms of design and layout, it remains consistent with the black version.

What's different are its special cards. Two jokers with a cartoonish style and one of them has a mysterious expression written below. Have you spotted the hidden secret?

When you cover the top half of these characters, they spell out: "I love you." This clever touch in design, when incorporated into a magic routine, can indeed create a surprising effect.


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