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Lucky 13 Playing Cards by Jesse Feinberg

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Lucky 13 decks feature a unique design that is new to the world of playing cards!

Lucky 13 is designed to inspire magicians, cardistry experts, and gamers alike. This bold design appeals to all who love the art of playing cards and quality products. Magicians will quickly imagine the unlimited possibilities with these new cards at their command. Cardistry will forever change with this new eye-catching and streamlined design. Even card games will be enhanced with easy-to-understand numerical values. Limited quantities and premium packaging will appeal to all collectors of playing cards.

Lucky 13 celebrates the art of self-expression. We care about what you're passionate about, and we want to be a part of your story. Share your originality with Lucky 13!


Conventional "Aces" and "court cards" have been replaced with numerical values offering a brand new playing card experience like never before! Lucky 13's custom face cards feature values 1-13... Aces are now 1's, Jacks are 11, Queens are 12 and Kings are 13. You'll find 2 custom jokers that feature our mascot the lucky cat! Also included is an essential "double backer" card to enhance your magic routines or to display as a piece of art.


Lucky 13 playing cards are printed on a crushed bee stock by the United States Playing Card Company. This is the highest quality stock available, a favorite among the magic and cardistry community. The custom tuck case features a luxurious premium stock with foil and embossing. A custom stamp seals the deal. The attention to quality and detail are top priority for the Lucky 13 brand.


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