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Midnight Court Playing Cards

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This poker size deck is built for collectors and magicians. It is also for the players - anyone who likes a well crafted deck on their table when they game with friends and family. Take a look through the art and my commitment to design innovation.


Crow mages gather to be immortalized in glowing portraits on the anniversary of the 3rd Indigo War. Violet wreathes adorn their heads and cyan-tear markings drip from their eyes. They fought the campaign on the front lines and still bear the teeth of its beasts on neck chains.

Today they also carry the wisdom of its trials in their hearts.

Revel with the mages of the Midnight Court!

Your Ace of Spades will follow playing card tradition in its prominence. It was carefully built with eight-part symmetry and radial spades.

On the number cards the icons are placed in detailed rings. The glow in the design immediately signifies the power of the card with just a glance.

The royalty card format is identical to a standard deck, including the number of eyes and the direction the character faces. This is important for games like hearts; the 2 eyed jack is still the two eyed Jack.

You receive an extra joker and a double backer too! Especially for all your magic and cardistry needs. All decks will include the purple, blue and white crows.


I have taken the time to find a printer that produces quality cards - I didn't settle.

Finish and weight:

The cards are cut from high quality 300gsm professional black core paper. A magic finish on the cards ensures smooth fans and shuffles. The 56 cards are encased in a matte laminated tuck box. The cards are printed by WJPC.

Founder edition badge - These decks are part of the first print run ever.


We stock over 500 decks in store but have over 2,000 on our webiste. Items display a dispatch time of either:

  • 1 day (item in store and will ship usually same day)
  • 3-7 days (item ordered in on our weekly order from our USA warehouse and ship from the UK as soon as they arrive.