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Sybil Playing Cards

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Introducing Sybil Playing Cards:

Sybil Playing Cards is not just a deck; it's a celebration of cardistry's vibrant spirit, brought to life by the dynamic art of anime artist 1001stars. With only 1001 decks printed, this limited edition release pays homage to one of the famous cardistry moves, five faces of Sybil by Chris Kenner. Meet Sybil: Your Guide to Cardistry Embark on an exhilarating journey with Sybil, cardistry's very own anime ambassador designed by the talented anime artist 1001stars, Sybil embodies the essence of cardistry with her high-energy persona, the cards boast a unique color palette that sets them apart from ordinary decks, ensuring that Sybil stands out in a sea of normal-looking cards.

Versatility meets performance Sybil Playing Cards are more than just tools for cardistry - they're designed to be versatile companions for all your card-related endeavors. Featuring standard faces, these cards are not only perfect for cardistry but also ideal for magic tricks and card games.

Our new thinner stock and finish combination provides a comfortable and easy-to-use experience for beginner and expert cardists alike.


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