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The Elves Deck

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"Do you like playing cards? We Do!

We also love Fantasy and Elves and this is our first project, a deck of poker playing cards that is fantasy oriented and that depicts four different races of Elves as the court cards. It took almost two years for us to get where we are and we are so happy with the final result after working really hard and trying out so many different ideas.

Everything in this project has been carefully thought and all our cards are custom and hand drawn. Every detail of our playing cards has been studied and revised until we got to the final design that we are proud to show you today.

The Elves Deck - Forest Elves Edition
  • 52+2 poker-sized cards based on the fantasy world of Elves.
  • 100% uniquely illustrated and hand-drawn Aces, Jokers, pips & courts cards.
  • Deluxe tuck box with embossing & 3 hot foils, carefully handcrafted by the amazing Boschiero & Newton in Italy on premium German paper with special hot foils, exclusively made in the UK.
  • Deluxe metal gold ink on the playing cards.
  • Printed in the USA by USPCC on premium Bee stock.
  • Gilded version with an alternative tuck box, if we reach our goal.
  • 2 years in the making, with countless tries and infinite hours of hand-drawing.
  • Limited edition of 1000 numbered decks, 760 standard and 240 gilded.


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