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The Hidden King (Limited Copper)Luxury Edition Playing Cards by BOMBMAGIC

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In July 2018, we finished all the luxury series prototype with Taiwan Playing Card Company. Redesigned from the regularly editions, and newly-developed printing techniques!
  • Red and Blue editions are used metallic red, blue and gold on the suits and court cards printing.
  • Rainbow edition utilized a high brightness printing technique that offers an incomparable rainbow coloring.
  • Copper Foil edition include a large area foil printing on the 54-cards. It's difficult to present well, but we make it in the final. Limited to 2000 with numbered seal.
  • Rainbow and Copper Foil editions with uniquely coated foil-printed surface and flapless underside on its tuck case.
Behind the Stories

The Rainbow edition can not be printed by 54 plates for each single color. We need to mix from 4 colors by CMYK with print craftsmen to present the 54-card brightness spectrum coloring. This had taken us 1-2 weeks in the testing over and over again to make sure we can present full 54 colors correctly. Now, we're proud to require all of you to back the campaign to have it after mass production. You will be amazed.

The Copper Foil edition inspired by the ancient art of Chinese bronze mirror-making, designed to play with the light, giving flourishes that extra flair. It require a large area foil printing, and has been taken us half a year in prototype production. Hot foil printing isn't really stability in production. It depend on everything are matched completely. Please understand that playing cards stock even include the pattern on its surface. Sometimes the hot foil printing will also make the card out of shape by special artwork. Don't forget it's the thinner and softer paper stock. These are production limitation to force us trying, replacing, modifying and reprinting over and over again! However, we're proud to share with you that we finally have a success way to produce with the artwork.

Both of editions were have the challenges, so they will be limited editions. Don't miss them if you love the whole details like the unique rainbow foil tuck case or foiling cards.


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