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The Rubber Band Deck Playing Cards

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In 2011, Hanson Chien stormed the magic world with his TOUCH, and since then a new craze of rubber band magic has started. In 2014, Sean Yang released his RUBBER BANG, the first ever DVD dedicated solely on rubber band and card magic. A combination of these two simple props, has created visually-stunning and highly-entertaining magical moments for the audiences.

What if, we can push the rubber band magic one step further, stretch it to the full limits?

In 2022, Perl Lee analyzed all the artistic elements of rubber band, studied the history, and pieced them all into this wonderful playing cards. With the help of his designer Marie, he has accomplished a truly magical artwork.

This deck features 10 beautiful rubber band flourishes artworks, 10 classic rubber band magic artworks, 10 modern rubber band magic props, and 10 rubber band gaffs and gags. With Joe Rindfleisch, Dan Harlan, Hanson Chien, and Sean Yang standing tall as KINGS of the deck, this would be the perfect deck for you to elevate your rubber band magic to the next level. Be creative. Let your imagination runs wild.



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